Bridesmaid Dress Color Trend in 2016: Navy Blue

Blue is a color that compliments wedding dresses very well. It is a common color that is seen in most weddings. If you are unsure of what kind of dress to wear to your friend’s wedding, you would find a navy blue dress a safe bet. Usually the dress of a bride is in white or pale shades of beige, off-white and similar tones. Thus, a bridesmaid’s dress can be of a shade that complements such a pale shade.

Navy Blue Cocktail Chiffon  Bridesmaid Dress with Sparkling Accents
If you are in doubt, you need to go with the blue shade. You will never be wrong with the blue shade. No matter what kind of skin tone you have, the navy blue is a shade that will make you look elegant and simple.BLB20038-01-660x1100


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